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Automation gets efficiency
Leave it to app to do your work
Reduce employee requirement
Automate Reports
Automate Reminders
Stay on Top of Operations
Build Image in the market
Never miss a job

How you benefit

Save Time
Save Money
Improve Efficiency
Auto Reminders
Improve Cash Flow
Save Employee Costs
Stay on Top
More Business
Automate Reports
Automatically Generated

Generated at preset time and in preset formats for you to make best decisions.

Automatically Delivered

Reports are automatically delivered to you and your team’s inboxes as often as you need them

Automate Follow-ups
Payment Reminders

Automate sending payment reminders when due and collect fast

Quote Followup

Let the app followup the quotes you have sent for customers to decide fast.

Automate Marketing
Automate Mails
Professional Templates

Automate mails in professional templates impressing customers

Automated mailing

Mails sent on preset time ensures you never miss out mailing to customers

Job Reminders
Appointment Reminders

Automate sending job reminders, ensuring you dont miss a job

Impress Clients

Automated timely reminders build up your image with clients.

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