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Self generated reports to keep you on track
Summary of most recent activity
Accounts Aging Report
Payments Collected Report
Accounting Reports
Expense Report
Invoice Details Report
Report filtering by client, team member, or date
Save, export or print financial reports for your accountant
Profit and Loss Report
Time Tracking and Project
Customize your reports
Many more reports

How you benefit

Saves Time
Improve your efficiency
Reduces employees
Keeps you on top
Better Decisions
Customize Reports

Reports customized so that all important information for you to see

Financial Reports

Access real time financial data of Outstandings, sales, expenses and much more.

Service Reports
Service and Work reports

Get detailed reports of what your service team has been doing.

Client reporting

Client reports give you a fall details of client with outstanding balances

Timeline Reports

Customer reports on sales available updated when contacting customers


Real time updation of customer time line reported to keep you aware .

You can do more
Mail Reports

Mail report to clients or accountants or team for improving business.

Integrate Reports

Coming soon you could integrate reports with other softwares if you require it.

Job Reminders
Appointment Reminders

Automate sending job reminders, ensuring you dont miss a job

Impress Clients

Automated timely reminders build up your image with clients.

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