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Payment Gateway

World Class Ultra safe payment gateway
Get paid faster anytime anywhere
Any mode -cards, net bank , wallets
Your mobile POS/ collection tool
Low Costs

How you benefit

Get Paid Faster
Collect anywhere anytime
Improve Cash Flows
Get Paid Anywhere Anytime
Collect on the field

Payment Gateway a virtual terminal on your mobile to collect, even on the field.

Get Paid Online

Payment options on Invoice help customers get to Payment gateway with just a click

Accept most cards
All Payment Methods

Payment gateway helps you accept any card or Bank Transfers and wallets.

One Click Payments

Simple , seamless option Payment icons on Invoices to click and pay fast in seconds.

Multi-Currency Gateway
Multi-Currency option

Multi currency option to pay with low inter currency conversion rates any currency.

Cross Border Payments

Bestmate gives Option for cross border overseas payments laws permitting

Branded Experience

Give your customers a secure branded comfortable feel while check out

Cashless Option

Send payment requests on your Invoices or emails and get paid 3X faster on a click.

So Simple, So Easy

Send your first Invoice in less than 2 Minutes

  • 30-day free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime