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Better Customer interactions
Communication timeline and history
Templates for messages
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Customer Portal

How you benefit

Better Customer Control
Automation saves time
Impress Customers
Increase Loyalty and keep customers
More Sales
Repeat Customers
Keep them loyal

Customer data and history on mobile for personalized service to customers.

Full Customer Timeline

Timeline of past history helps give customers informed and better response

Grow more Business
Impress your customer

Customers want only digital interaction. Impress and make them to return for more

Client data helps grow Business

Full customer history on your mobile to help you analyze customers and generate more Business

Customer Portal

Customer interaction through a self service portal 24/7 helps impress customers.

Automation - new way CRM
Automated saves time

Automated mailers, service reminders, marketing mails, to impress customers

Automated Appointment reminders

Sends Automated reminders and things to do to be ready before you reach them for service.

Sales management

Automated impressive marketing mailers help make engagement with leads professionals for more sales.

Communicate anytime anywhere any device

Communicate through email, phone, live chat, social media without leaving our All-in-One Super app.

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