Real Time Stocks
Manage Money

Inventory Management

Real Time stock position
East to update when supplier sends
Easy to use to Invoice
Easy to control stock levels
Easy to find and order depleted

How you benefit

Real Time Inventory
Reduce Inventory Cost
Eliminate Stockout
Better Supplier Management
Avoid Overstock
Real Time Inventory
Manage Inventory Real time

Inventory updated real time the moment you raise supplier and sales invoices.

Real Time Stocks

Real time stock levels help you manage proper stock levels and never miss any sale.

Automate Stocks
Inventory Management

Automated reminders when stocks run low. Let app reorder in seconds.

Auto Re-Order

Place digital Orders.Lets Bestmate re-order when stock levels get low.

Supplier Management
Supplier Management

Better Supply Chain management. Suppliers love digital and efficient buyers.

Supplier Invoice to Inventory

Update Inventory real time. Convert supplier orders to inward invoices on a click.

So Simple, So Easy

Send your first Invoice in less than 2 Minutes

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